The first thing to note is that wired connection is always recommended. Wired connection provides much more stable connection and is less prone to interference.

If you are connecting via WiFi to your network there are few ways you can improve the connection.  So before you resort to throwing out your router check out these tips to optimize the streaming experience.

Before you troubleshoot WiFi connection make sure that the issue is not with your internet service provider.   Try connecting via cable and see if the issues go away. If there are no issues when you connect with cable then the issue lies in the WiFi connection.  If you connect via cable and you still have issues then the problem is with your internet connection and you need to contact your internet provider’s tech support to troubleshoot it.

Steps to troubleshoot WiFi and Wired connection:

Check your speed
In general, a faster Internet connection will deliver better video quality. For the best viewing results, we recommend a minimum of 8.0 Mbps for standard definition and 10.0 Mbps for HD content. You can test your network speed with free websites like

Check your ping
Use to determine the quality of your broadband Internet connection. Streaming media, voice, video communications and online gaming require more than just raw speed. Test your connection now to get your rating and share the result with others!!

Take care of your router
This seems simple, but it’s easy to forget – make sure to keep your router’s firmware and driver up to date to improve streaming performance. Check the device manufacturer’s website regularly for updates to keep your router in optimal condition.

Find a trusty ISP
A good wireless internet service provider is an important asset. Lucky for us, Netflix did the hard work and compiled a monthly report ranking ISPs “based upon their actual performance across all Netflix streams.” Google Fiber took first place, with Verizon, Comcast, Charter, Cablevision, Mediacom, and TimeWarner Cable bringing up the rear. Are you taking notes?

Steps to troubleshoot WiFi connection:

Know your hot spots
If stream suddenly stops and starts to buffer you might have interference. Knowing your home’s hot spots can help you position your IPTV box in the best possible location. Mobile apps like Wi-Fi Analyzer turn your phone into a Wi-Fi detector, helping you find the least crowded channel for your router and locate the areas in your pad with the strongest signal strength.

If you’re having trouble streaming, these additional tips might help optimize your wireless connection. Feel free to contact us for assistance as well – we’re always happy to help.