We are pleased to announce the introduction of the long-awaited feature ” Multi-room .” Thanks to it , you can use a single subscription to connect up to 3 devices simultaneously.
What you need to know about functional ” Multiroom “?

  1. ” Multiroom ” works for all subscriptions and does not need to be activated separately. (NO EXTRA CHARGE)
  2.  For each TV requires a separate set-top box , which can be ordered through our online store at an affordable price.
  3.  Simultaneous use of the subscription on multiple devices is possible only under the condition that all devices have access to the Internet through the same line ( they must be connected to a router ) .
  4. To use the subscription on two or three devices, you’ll need two or three times higher bandwidth Internet connection. To view the TV channels in standard quality (SD) for 1 TV, we recommend Internet connection speed of at least 5 Mbps ; channels in HD quality – at least 8 Mbps . When two TVs , these indicators should be 8 Mbps for SD- channels and 16 Mbps for HD- channels. When there are three TVs – 10 Mbps (SD) and 24 Mbps (HD).
  5. Using ” multiroom ” possible with all types of compatible devices : TV set-top boxes or plug-in for your web browser.

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