1. In main Menu press “Pop Up Menu” on your remote control and then press “ENTER”
  2. Choose “Settings” and press “ENTER”
  3. Select “Applications” and press “ENTER”
  4. Choose “Premium” icon and press “ENTER”
  5. Select the Streaming Server based on your location.
    The quality of video depends on the streaming server. The best video quality will be if you select a streaming server nearest to your location. For example, if you’re in New York, select USA East Coast. We have few servers in different locations and by default we connect you to the server which is the closest to your location. In the evening, people start watching TV and the number of connections to this particular server increases. This creates a higher load of the server and when combined with a lowered Internet speed this may cause a “freezing” of the picture. If you have issues with your USA East Coast server during the peak time we suggest that you switch to another server (for example Europe South). You might consider switching temporarily to a different region’s server (where prime time has passed already).  However, you might need to switch back to your local server during the next day if you experience ‘freezing’.

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