If you have trouble connecting to the website, try to change the DNS (Domain Name System) to Google Public DNS.

DNS is a system that organize and identify domains. We can use a phone book analogy to explain the DNS. Phone book translates a name such as ‘Polish TV Company’ to a phone number, while DNS translates the URL or web address (eg.www.polishtvcompany.com) to the correct IP address (eg. 54.121.532.118.) which you have to connect to obtain the necessary information.

Why should you try Google Public DNS?

Using Google Public DNS you can:

  • Speed up the browsing
  • Improve safety
  • Get the expected results, with absolutely no redirection

In some cases the Alfabox can not connect to the Internet, because the Internet Service Provider’s DNS does not respond. In such a case the DNS server has to be changed to Google DNS:

Follow the steps below to change the DNS:

  1. Press SET on the remote, select NETWORK and press OK.
  2. Depending on the way the Alfabox is connected to the Internet, select WiFi or WIRED ans pressOK
  3. Select AUTO DHCP, MANUAL DNS and press OK
  4. You will see 4 small windows. You have to enter number 8 in each window. In order to do this press keyboard button on the remote, then select 8 on the keyboard.
  5. Press keyboard button again and press down arrow on the remote to move to the next window.
  6. Repeat step 4 and 5, to enter the number 8 in each window. Press OK on the remote to confirm.
  7. Select Restart Portal and press OK on the remote to confirm.

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