How to request free trial

  1. Go to our website and click on TRY FOR FREE TODAYisraeli
  2. In order to try our service, you have to register first. Enter your name and email address and click on SUBMIT.israeli1
  3. Email to confirm your account will be sent to you.israeli2
  4. Go to your inbox, open email from Israeli TV Company and click on ACTIVATE ACCOUNT.israeli3
  5. You will be redirected to the website where you will set up your password. Enter your password and click on SET PASSWORD.israeli4
  6. Now you can log in to your account using your email and the password you have just set up.israeli5
  7. In order to request free trial go to MY ACCOUNT and enter your address and the phone number.israeli6
  8. Click on SAVE ADDRESS and you will be redirected to the page where you can request a free trial.israeli7
  9. Click on REQUEST FREE TRIAL (If you already subscribed to out service, click on WATCH ONLINE).israeli8
  10. A pop-up window with confirmation will appear. Click on WATCH ONLINE.israeli9
  11. You will see an icon of the service you have requested. Click on it.israeli10
  12. You will be redirected to our online player.
  13. Enjoy the show

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